Happy Birthday Keki Adhikari

On Keki’s birthday we have borrowed the birthday wish of actress Priyanka Karki (so cute!):

priyanka karki birthday wish to keki adhikari

You’re weird. You’re stupid. I’m like that too. I guess that’s why our friendship is the way it is and we are such a perfect team together. With you, life is so simple, there is no need to pretend. We have our own jokes that only we understand, we laugh at the silliest of things, we are just so genuinely happy when we are together. I hope we stay the best of friends until we die, and then I hope we stay ghost-friends so that we can walk through walls and scare the shit out of people. Haha That would be sooo cool!

Anyways, the bottom line is, you are a precious gem and I’m glad that I’m blessed with a beautiful friend like you.

Happy birthday Keki Adhikari. You are amazing! Stay the same.


BTW, feel free to wish you Birthday wishes in the comment. Keki will reply to them.

Update: keki adhikari birthday message