Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013. New year wishes from Keki:


2012 didn’t really give me a good feel..

I want to welcome 2013 with the hope that it brings respect and justice to women..

may the new year introduce us with the society and law ensuring accountability..

may we be strong enough to fight for our self respect and against all the ill- manners..

may god make us humans n kill the animals inside us..

may we get to hear nothing inhuman..

bye bye 2012 n welcome 2013..

may the world be a better place to live in


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Happy New Year 2069

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2069. May this year bring loads of happiness among all of us, and may we get success over all the incomplete things to be done. Learn from 2068 and apply it to this year. Have a great year 2069.


Keki Adhikari was nominated for the category of popular celebrity of the year in TV Filmy. After the final voting, she ended up being in the second place.

Happy New Year 2068 – Remembering 2068, Dashain Tika

We would like to wish all the Keki Adhikari fans a very happy new year 2069.

On the occasion of the new year, let’s remember the year 2068. Keki had a great Dashain and here are some of the photos of Keki with her family.

Keki_Adhikari_Dashain_Tika_2068 (14)

Keki_Adhikari_Dashain_Tika_2068 (2)

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