Keki Adhikari Holi 2014 celebration with Shree 5 Ambare team (Photos)

Actress Keki Adhikari recently signed up in upcoming movie ‘Shree 5 Ambare’. The shooting of the movie is going to start soon.

Keki Adhikari and Shree Panch Ambare team (10)

The movie team organized a Holi celebration program. In the program actress Keki Adhikari actor Saugat Malla and other actors played holi by sharing colors with each other.

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Keki Adhikari’s Promise in Singapore

A music video of Keki Adhikari in her upcoming movie ‘Promise’ is released recently. The music video was shot in Singapore. The movie features a new actors Ramesh Chandra Rai and Nara Kumar Limbu and also features comedy actor Wilson Bikram Rai.

keki adhikari - smile

‘Promise’ is expected to release in May of 2013. the movie is written and directed by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ and is being produced by Tanka Limbu.

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Keki Adhikari talks personal secrecy and sex in movies

In this interview, most of the questions and answers seem more like Keki Adhikari’s interview, posted earlier. In this interview, Keki has further clarified the reason she doesn’t want to talk about her love and other personal issues.


In a question about a role she wanted to do in future movies, Keki told that she wanted to be featured as a ghost in horror movie. That sounds scary!

Keki believes that most of the viewers of Nepali movie are teenagers and movies should be made to cater the needs of them. Keki however thinks sex in movies is not a long lasting trend. Read the full interview in Nepali below:

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Keki to act opposite to Bimalesh Adhikari in big screen too

A number of music videos feature Keki Adhikari and Bimalesh Adhikari and the screen-couple is liked by audience. Now, they are also going to be featured in a movie named “Mutu”. Keki and Bimalesh have recently signed in the movie going to floor on Baisakh 15.


In response to the news, Keki told that she had liked working with Bimalesh in music videos and wanted to work in big screen movies too. Bimalesh is also happy to act opposite to Keki in the big screen movie. Bimalesh expects that, like the music video audience, movie goers will also love their roles in the movie.

“Mutu” is produced by Surya Bohara and he is also directing the movie.

Our best wishes for the on-screen couple Keki Adhikari and Bimalesh Adhikari in their debut big-screen movie together.