Rights and responsibility – Keki votes in election

After voting in the election Keki said, “We fulfilled our responsibility. Now it is time for the leaders. It was not only on vote, it was our dream, desire and the future we handed over to the hands of the leaders.”

In response to the failure of the previous CA in forming a constitution Keki adds, “Please don’t betray us this time. We can’t afford to do that again.”

Keki Adhikari with her  card after voting

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Keki requests, Let’s vote

It is just a week remaining for the Election and the protest and violence at this time doesn’t help the country in any way. Everybody is free to show their dissatisfaction but, that shouldn’t violate other person’s freedom.

keki adhikari requests with namaskar

In this contest, Keki has requested everybody to help in the election:

“I’m going to vote, and hope each one of you eligible ones will also do so. We always get into disputes regarding our rights and our duties as citizens of Nepal. Let us remind ourselves, voting in this election is both our right and our duty.

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