Dashain 2014 plans of Keki Adhikari

Like previous years, Keki Adhikari is planning to spend the time with her friends and family in in Kathmandu. The best part of Dashain is to meet all the relatives. Keki says, Dashain is the only time you are free and can meet so many people.

keki adhikari in temple

The worst part of the festival is killing animals in temples and homes for meat.

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‘Blessings are the most precious gift’, Dashain Tika (Update)

“Blessings are the most precious gift one can receive” and Dashain is all about blessings from elders.

Keki Adhikari received Dashain Tika from her parents and elders. Here are some photos of the Tika ceremony.

keki adhikari with Dashain Tika 2070 bs

Keki’s father Badri Adhikari and mother Laxmi Adhikari offered Dashain Tika to Keki.

keki adhikari dashain tika from parents

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Happy New Year 2068 – Remembering 2068, Dashain Tika

We would like to wish all the Keki Adhikari fans a very happy new year 2069.

On the occasion of the new year, let’s remember the year 2068. Keki had a great Dashain and here are some of the photos of Keki with her family.

Keki_Adhikari_Dashain_Tika_2068 (14)

Keki_Adhikari_Dashain_Tika_2068 (2)

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