How Funny, Birthday Celebration (photos)

Birthday celebrations are fun but, there is nothing funny about them. But, it was ‘How Funny’ birthday celebration of Keki Adhikari.

keki birthday celebration at How Funny sets (1)

Photo 1 – Keki inspects cakes.

It was the special day at the set of ‘How Funny’ shooting. Everybody in a jolly mood to celebrate the birthday of one of the actresses in the movie, Keki.

Well, it was actually the birthday of Puspa, the name of the character on screen. Here are photo highlights of the birthday celebration.

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Happy Birthday Keki Adhikari

On Keki’s birthday we have borrowed the birthday wish of actress Priyanka Karki (so cute!):

priyanka karki birthday wish to keki adhikari

You’re weird. You’re stupid. I’m like that too. I guess that’s why our friendship is the way it is and we are such a perfect team together. With you, life is so simple, there is no need to pretend. We have our own jokes that only we understand, we laugh at the silliest of things, we are just so genuinely happy when we are together. I hope we stay the best of friends until we die, and then I hope we stay ghost-friends so that we can walk through walls and scare the shit out of people. Haha That would be sooo cool!

Anyways, the bottom line is, you are a precious gem and I’m glad that I’m blessed with a beautiful friend like you.

Happy birthday Keki Adhikari. You are amazing! Stay the same.


BTW, feel free to wish you Birthday wishes in the comment. Keki will reply to them.

Update: keki adhikari birthday message

Happy Birthday Keki dad, the marriage anniversary of the parents

Today (March 13, 2014) is the marriage anniversary of Keki Adhikari’s parents. In addition to that, it is also the birthday of Keki’s dad, Badri Adhikari. On the occasion of the anniversary and birthday of film director father, Keki has written the following wishes:

“I must have done something good in my previous life that I am blessed to be your daughter. You are the reason behind my existence, my every achievements, my happiness and me. I pray to the god for your well being and togetherness my life long. I love you more than anything in this world. Happy anniversary my dear Aama and Baba.”

keki with her father badri adhikari

Wishing a very happy birthday to her father Keki adds, “Aama must have been the best gift you got in your birthday.”

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23rd Birthday celebration of Keki (photos, video)

Keki celebrated her 23rd birthday with the team of her upcoming movie “Biteka Pal”. The film team had organized the birthday celebration and its music launch program in Kathmandu. The following video contain the photos of the celebration and the audio at the time of cake cutting and Keki’s address to the gathering.

In addition to the formal ceremony in the day, Keki also celebrated her birthday with her family and friends in the evening.

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Happy Birthday Keki

Keki has turned 23 years-old today, on December 17, 2013. As one of the busiest actress in the Nepali entertainment industry, Keki has ruled the music videos, and she has also created her own place in Nepali movies.

happybirthday keki

Last year, Keki had celebrated her birthday in Darjeeling while the shooting of the movie ‘Biteka Pal’ was going on. This year, she is celebrating her birthday in Kathmandu but, the ‘Biteka Pal’ team is still with her to celebrate the big day. ‘Biteka Pal’ team has invited journalists in a program in which Keki will cut cake and celebrate her birthday.

Keki needs a hit movie and ‘Biteka Pal’ seems like the one. One her birthday, let’s wish for the success of the movie. She is also finishing her MBA in a few months. Let’s wish, all the best in her education and her personal life.

Happy 22nd birthday to Keki

Keki has turned 22 year old on Thursday. Currently in Darjeeling for the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Biteka Pal’, she couldn’t celebrate her birthday with her family.

But, that didn’t stopped her from celebrating her birthday. Here is one of the photos taken beside her birthday cake.


Keki is returning from Darjeeling next week after more than a month long shooting in the beautiful hill station.

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