Keki evaluates Bimalesh Adhikari

In an interview with Subrat Acharya of ‘Saptahik’ weekly, Keki has pointed out the good and bad things about her co-actor of music videos, advertisements and the movie ‘Mutu’, Bimalesh Adhikari. Keki considers herself a well-wisher of Bimalesh.

bimalesh and keki adhikari

Good things about Bimalesh:

  • A good friend – Bimalesh is perfect friend. He knows how to be a good friend.
  • Caring – In the shooting spot he takes care of everybody. He cares of everybody and asks about their health and needs. He also helps those in need of help.
  • Stylist – He is quite forward in fashion and style. He knows how to change himself as per the latest trends.
  • Joyful – He is a good person to be around with. He is good in making fun of others in good sense and cracks jokes at times,
  • Impressive – He conveys a good response to everybody and has a character of making a good impression to others.

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Music Video – Timilai Paauna

Another music video featuring Keki and Bimalesh


Song: Timilai Pauna…
Models : Keki Adhikari, Bimalesh Adhikari
Singer: Dipen KC
Album: Prasatab
Lyrics: Hari Bastakoti
Music: Hari Lamsal
Arranger: Phanindra Rai
Camera: Bidur Pandey
Editor: Prakash Tuladhar
Director: Saman Adhikari

The music video is attached below:

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Shooting of Mutu, Kalinchok , Dolakha

Here are few photos of Keki during the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Mutu‘.


In the photo above, Keki Adhikari poses with local kids in Kalinchok , Dolakha during the shooting of Nepali movie ‘Mutu’.

‘Mutu’ features Keki and Bimlesh Adhikari in the lead role.

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Keki to act opposite to Bimalesh Adhikari in big screen too

A number of music videos feature Keki Adhikari and Bimalesh Adhikari and the screen-couple is liked by audience. Now, they are also going to be featured in a movie named “Mutu”. Keki and Bimalesh have recently signed in the movie going to floor on Baisakh 15.


In response to the news, Keki told that she had liked working with Bimalesh in music videos and wanted to work in big screen movies too. Bimalesh is also happy to act opposite to Keki in the big screen movie. Bimalesh expects that, like the music video audience, movie goers will also love their roles in the movie.

“Mutu” is produced by Surya Bohara and he is also directing the movie.

Our best wishes for the on-screen couple Keki Adhikari and Bimalesh Adhikari in their debut big-screen movie together.