Keki’s shooting on Nepal Banda Day

Keki had been against Nepal Banda (Nepal closure) from the beginning. She also wrote a long statement on why we should vote.

keki adhikari shooting (2)

On the day, she and the shooting team led by director Alok Nembang defied Banda. Here are few photo of Keki and the team at the shooting location. Keki says that it is fun shooting with Alok.

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Shooting at Chobhar (photos)

Chobhar is a natural film studio in Kathmandu. Almost all the movies are shot in the location. Apart from the varieties of landscapes and sceneries the place also offers the peace out of the crowd. 

Keki rightly says the place is an “ever-ready-made natural studio for Nepali Films”.

Here are some photos of the shooting at Chobhar.

keki adhikari - shooting at chobhar (2)

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Keki remembers a little girl from Sindhuli

This is what Keki has to say about the little girl, Pasang.

“This cute little sweetheart is Pasang. I met her in Sindhuli. She lives in an ashram with her mother. At very first moment, I fell in love with her. I felt a sort of strong connection. She stayed with me throughout my stay there and she enriched me with the memory that I am never going to forget. And today, I miss her. May god bless her with all the happiness.”

So sweet !

keki with pasang in sindhuli

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Keki visits Sinduli Gadhi

As you know, Keki is currently visiting Sindhuli. She seem to be enjoying every aspects of the district.

Keki visited the place of historical importance – Sindhuli Gadhi. The place marks the bravery of Gorkhali army against the East India Company. Brave Gorkhali fought against the much powerful army and won the battle. Keki is standing under the National Flag at Sindhuligadhi.

Keki says, “The flag has still got the scent of that bravery Gorkhalis.” She adds, “Yo man ta mero Nepali ho…”

keki in sindhuli gadhi (1)

The place is also made immortal by a folk song called “Sindhuli Gadhi ghumer herda… “

keki in sindhuli gadhi (2)

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‘Blessings are the most precious gift’, Dashain Tika (Update)

“Blessings are the most precious gift one can receive” and Dashain is all about blessings from elders.

Keki Adhikari received Dashain Tika from her parents and elders. Here are some photos of the Tika ceremony.

keki adhikari with Dashain Tika 2070 bs

Keki’s father Badri Adhikari and mother Laxmi Adhikari offered Dashain Tika to Keki.

keki adhikari dashain tika from parents

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