How Funny, Birthday Celebration (photos)

Birthday celebrations are fun but, there is nothing funny about them. But, it was ‘How Funny’ birthday celebration of Keki Adhikari.

keki birthday celebration at How Funny sets (1)

Photo 1 – Keki inspects cakes.

It was the special day at the set of ‘How Funny’ shooting. Everybody in a jolly mood to celebrate the birthday of one of the actresses in the movie, Keki.

Well, it was actually the birthday of Puspa, the name of the character on screen. Here are photo highlights of the birthday celebration.

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Keki watched Mero Best Friend with her friends

Keki Adhikari went to watch the movie ‘Mero Best Friend’ with her friends Reema Bishwokarma and Benisha Hamal and the public. On the fifth day of the release of the move, Keki watched the movie with the viewers in QFX Civil Mall, Sundhara at 12 PM. 

keki adhikari benisha hamal and reema bishwokarma

The movie about friendship also features Keki in guest role and is the movie actress Priyanka Karki got a break into Nepali film industry. The bond between Priyanka and Keki had become stronger during the shooting of their upcoming movie ‘Fanko’.

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Keki Adhikari Holi 2014 celebration with Shree 5 Ambare team (Photos)

Actress Keki Adhikari recently signed up in upcoming movie ‘Shree 5 Ambare’. The shooting of the movie is going to start soon.

Keki Adhikari and Shree Panch Ambare team (10)

The movie team organized a Holi celebration program. In the program actress Keki Adhikari actor Saugat Malla and other actors played holi by sharing colors with each other.

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23rd Birthday celebration of Keki (photos, video)

Keki celebrated her 23rd birthday with the team of her upcoming movie “Biteka Pal”. The film team had organized the birthday celebration and its music launch program in Kathmandu. The following video contain the photos of the celebration and the audio at the time of cake cutting and Keki’s address to the gathering.

In addition to the formal ceremony in the day, Keki also celebrated her birthday with her family and friends in the evening.

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Keki in pink saree (photos)

Actress Keki Adhikari is known for being one of the most decent actresses in the film industry. Unlike many actresses in Nepali movie industry Keki is one of the actresses who hasn’t gone through any controversies.

Here are some photo of our favorite actress in saree. Apart from enhancing her beauty Saree also help Keki look taller.

keki adhikari in saree (1)

keki adhikari in saree (5)

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Rights and responsibility – Keki votes in election

After voting in the election Keki said, “We fulfilled our responsibility. Now it is time for the leaders. It was not only on vote, it was our dream, desire and the future we handed over to the hands of the leaders.”

In response to the failure of the previous CA in forming a constitution Keki adds, “Please don’t betray us this time. We can’t afford to do that again.”

Keki Adhikari with her  card after voting

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Music video shooting of Bhim Limbu song

Keki had modeled in a music video by singer Bhim Limbu On the set of “Aasule Bhajayo Serani”.

  • Song – Aasule Bhajayo Serani
  • Singer – Bhim Limbu
  • Lyric – Jabek k.C
  • Actors- Gagan Shahi and Keki adhakari
  • Camera – Bidur Pandey
  • Direction – Yugal Pomo

A group photo taken at the set of shooting:

keki adhikari at the sets of bhim limbu music video shooting

The shooting of the video was done during Tihar. The model Gagan Shahi had made the rangoli in the following photo:

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Music Video Shooting photos – Sabai Maya Timilai …

Here are a few more photos and the details of the shooting of an upcoming music video. Yes, that was the shooting done on the Nepal Banda day.

keki adhikari and puspa khadka 1

The music video is made on the song with words – “Sabai Maya Timlai Dida, Lau Na Ma Ta Jogi Bhaye…”

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