Should celebrities act like Celebrities in Twitter ?

Many celebrities in Twitter don’t follow their fans. A genuine question to the fans had mixed response: 

twitterHere are some answers to the questions asked in Twitter. All of these respondents are being followed back by @KekiAdhikari. As you can see only a few Twitter user think celebrities should follow their fans (marked by bold letters).

  • nope no should b friend
  • it’s up to them. but no matter how, they should be “keep in touch” with public for their better career health 🙂
  • Dont think so! More u follow, more u can interact with fans. Happy tweeting!
  • It depends. It’s always good to maintain some level. When follower base grows, it’d be difficult to keep track of everything.
  • Yeah,after al dey r”Celebrity”not”Team followback”,also depends on how 1wnts 2 use I m glad dat I got a followback.
    • hmm. Then now onwards @kekiadhikari need to think twice before following back. 🙂
  • hm.. yeah kind-of like that. But they should also take it as a personal place rather as not only a professional platform. 😉
  • I think you should follow people interesting to you 🙂 Just an advice 🙂
  • There should be no “should”s and “should not”s in this free world. Celebrities are no exceptions.
  • Yap! Should maintain own standard.
  • No nop, shouldn’t do that. But some Celebrities(?) do so. I actually don’t like that.

Six out of ten respondents (60 percent) think celebs shouldn’t follow everybody.

What do you think?