Keki to halt shooting for a month

After the completion of the shooting of ‘Biteka Pal’ and returning Kathmandu from Darjeeling, Keki is in a month-long break from the film world. Keki has recently graduated and she has no plans to stop her education. She is admitted to a MBA program and is planning to take it seriously (as always).


Keki is currently enrolled in MBA first year in Presidential College, Kathmandu. The mid-term exam of the semester is starting from February 3 and she is planning to spend more time with the books rather than with the camera.

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Happy 22nd birthday to Keki

Keki has turned 22 year old on Thursday. Currently in Darjeeling for the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Biteka Pal’, she couldn’t celebrate her birthday with her family.

But, that didn’t stopped her from celebrating her birthday. Here is one of the photos taken beside her birthday cake.


Keki is returning from Darjeeling next week after more than a month long shooting in the beautiful hill station.

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Keki says, ‘Nobody has proposed or written a love letter to me’

In a statement published in Kantipur’s Saptahik, Keki Adhikari has told that nobody has propose her yet. She also told that she hasn’t received an love letter either.


In her school days, she used to study in the school owned by her father. The principal of the school was her mother. So, no guy ever could gather courage enough to propose or write love letter to her.

Although it has been four years since she started acting and dancing and many have liked her acting and dances, nobody has proposed her yet. 

Badri Adhikari – an introduction to Keki’s Father

badri_adhikariDirector Badri Adhikari started as a theater artist and writer. He then ventured into television with a number of popular television serials. Now, he has established himself as a successful director.

To his credit, Badri has written 25 plays, directed 50 plays, and acted in more than 60 plays. During the years  BS 2038-2049 he acted in some of the most popular plays of the time – Epidus, Ashar ko ek din, Kalidas, and Nyayapremi. After the establishment of Nepal Television in BS 2040, Badri started writing and directing serials in television. At that time he wrote and directed serials like ‘Shanti Chhetrako Balak’, ‘Maun Aakash’, and ‘Shirjanaka Aankhaharu’. His serials on Parijat’s ‘Salgiko Balatkrit Aanshu’, Ramesh Bikal’s ‘Abiral Bagchha Indrawati’, and Pradip Gyawali’s ‘Sahayatri’ were well received by critics and viewers.

In an interview with a weekly magazine, Badir told that he want people to know him as a theater artist even though he is active in television and feature films.

About being known as the ‘Father of Keki Adhikari‘,  Badri told that he feels proud to be known by his daughter’s name. He is happy that many knew Keki before himself.

Keki’s lucky number

Keki Adhikari thinks seven is her lucky number. In the past jobs linked with seven number had been successful for Keki.


Talking about examples: the shooting of her first movie “Swor” had started on Mangsir 7.

Similarly, she believes that she passed with good number in an exam for which she didn’t studied much because, her symbol number for the exam was 7.