Charumati experience, theater is not easy (video)

In her first theater appearance, Keki Adhikari has found that it is not easy to perform the full play in one go. Remembering dialogues, correcting mistakes and keeping your cool all through the duration of the play is not an easy task.

Keki adhikari charumati play scene

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Keki Adhikari talks about books

Note: This interview was taken before Keki’s debut play ‘Charumati’. She was reading the play at that time.

keki adhikari as charumati in play

This is a translation of a short interview published in Kantipur Kosheli.

Q. What was the last book you have read?

Keki: I have finished reading ‘Eleven Minutes’ of Paulo Coelho. Currently I am reading ‘Charumati’ by Satyamohan Joshi.

Q. What types of books do you like ?

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Valentine Day memory, first rose

While in grade 10, a guy junior to Keki had offered a rose to her on the Valentine Day. With the rose, he had also handed over a love letter. Keki was so nervous, she didn’t hear what the guy had to say her. She threw both the love letter and the rose and ran away.

Although she didn’t accept the proposal, she was very scared on that day. She was afraid if anybody has seen them and would spread a rumor. She wondered how the guy might have felt after the incident. (Summarized from Nagariknews)

nagarik news - keki adhikari valentine day flower

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Keki sings ‘Yesto Euta Katha..’

One of Keki Adhikari’s favorite song is the one she is featured in. The song titled ‘Yesto Euta Katha…’ features the voices of Anju Panta and Manoj Sewa. In the music video the models are Keki, Bimalesh Adhikari and Hema.

keki and bimalesh

The music video and the technical details on the song was previously posted.

Now, it is time to share the song in Keki’s own voice. The following video is a short clip from a Television program titled ‘Byakti Bishesh’ in Avenues TV.

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What movies Keki watch and who are her favorite actors ?

Before naming the actors she like, Keki explained her choice of movie. Although she watches all kinds of movies, she isn’t much keen in watching action movies. She prefers romantic and social dramas.

keki smiles

Keki believes, there are a lot of things to learn from many actors. Some are good in one aspect and others are good in other. To name some, Keki says that she admires Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts. These two actors have brilliantly experimented with diverse characters and roles. She says, they have carried out the roles effortlessly and effectively. Keki adds, “I am left spellbound by their brilliance.”

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What does Keki do in free time ?

In her free time Keki likes to stay at home. She likes reading novels or watch movies in her free time. Keki isn’t that much keen in travelling and doesn’t like going out much.

keki at home

Keki likes Paulo Coelho’s writing, and try not to miss any of his books. She had recently finished reading ‘Eleven Minutes’ a Paulo Coelho book. At the time of the interview she was reading Amar Neupane‚Äôs Seto Dharti.

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Keki Adhikari talks personal secrecy and sex in movies

In this interview, most of the questions and answers seem more like Keki Adhikari’s interview, posted earlier. In this interview, Keki has further clarified the reason she doesn’t want to talk about her love and other personal issues.


In a question about a role she wanted to do in future movies, Keki told that she wanted to be featured as a ghost in horror movie. That sounds scary!

Keki believes that most of the viewers of Nepali movie are teenagers and movies should be made to cater the needs of them. Keki however thinks sex in movies is not a long lasting trend. Read the full interview in Nepali below:

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Keki Adhikari talks Shrawan Fasting

Apart from being a modern lady, Keki prefers to preserve the traditional norms. She is a religious girl who has been fasting on the Mondays of the Nepali month Shrawan for the last four years. Talking with an online media, Keki told about the reason behind her devotional inclinations.

Pleaser read the interview below and post comment on your belief and knowledge on the issue of religious fasting.

Read the full interview (in Nepali) below:


Keki Interview – I won’t expose my personal details

In an Interview, Keki Adhikari has discussed about the trend of sexually oriented movies in Nepali movie industry. She told that she went to theaters to watch “Loot” and “Chapali Height”. She liked them and didn’t think they were sexual oriented. Keki also talked about the importance of education and her dream roles.


You can read the full interview (in Nepali) below.

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Keki explains the reason behind less number of music videos these days

Keki started her entertainment career with music videos. As she became busy in movies, less number of music videos featured Keki. After the release of Keki’s latest movies ‘I am Sorry’ and ‘Mayako Barima’, Keki seems to be busier in movies. The crews of Avenues Entertainment program went to the shooting spot of one of Keki’s latest music video and asked the reason behind the less number of music videos she has done in these days. 


Keki replied that she needs to devote at least one to two months of her time to a movie and she told that during the shooting of movies she doesn’t do music video. At the same time, she also told that she has recently started her Masters degree. Keki told that she wants to do both movies and music videos in the future. (Photos clips taken from Avenues TV’s video)


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