‘You Are Welcome Keki’

We, the fans of Keki, are very happy that Keki shared the link to this fan site in her Facebook profile. We appreciate her comment, “Thank you for maintaining it so well…” The statement has touched our hearts. You are very welcome Keki Adhikari.

And, we would also like to thank you for being so sweet.

Thank you keki_facebook profile
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Keki celebrating 25000 likes in FB

At the time of this writing, Keki’s Facebook page has 25,313 likes. Excited by the number of fans liking her Facebook page, Keki has written a long statement:


Noun 1. silver jubilee – an anniversary celebrating the passage of 25 years this is the meaning of the term “silver jubilee” you will generally find in dictionaries.. but here, let me have the privilege of celebrating silver jubilee in my own style: For number of members surpassing 25 thousands!!

“25 of years” seems very small for a reason for celebration in comparison to 25 of thousands of appreciators I have gained, many more thousands of comments you have given,and millions of likes I have received.Moreover, I am thankful for thousands of excuses you all have granted me for not being able to respond to your boosting,feel-good posts.

After a day of hectic schedule, I come home,grab my laptop,and when I log in to this page,you have no idea or perhaps you do,how much strength I get seeing the number of your likes, posts, messages and your comments.The number of appreciations from each one of you so easily recharges me for another day of equally hectic schedule….I can’t explain it in words for how deeply I feel for every second and every minute you have spent on this page from your precious time and for making me a part of your life…In celebration I raise a toast!!

P.S: 🙂 For going through all of the novel I have written above, you  deserve Thanks^25000.. 🙂



Well written, Keki. Congratulation and hope the readers of this post will like the Facebook page and help her celebrate the diamond jubilee (50,000) soon. 

Happy New Year 2069

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2069. May this year bring loads of happiness among all of us, and may we get success over all the incomplete things to be done. Learn from 2068 and apply it to this year. Have a great year 2069.


Keki Adhikari was nominated for the category of popular celebrity of the year in TV Filmy. After the final voting, she ended up being in the second place.

Thank you Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari has thanked us for this fan site and shared the link in her Facebook page. We really appreciate her and would like to send our best wishes for everything she does.

This is what she wrote:

thank u my dear fans….loved it….u people r my frens dan fans

The screenshot:


Thank you again!

For those who haven’t yet liked Keki’s Facebook page yet, please do it now.