How Funny, Birthday Celebration (photos)

Birthday celebrations are fun but, there is nothing funny about them. But, it was ‘How Funny’ birthday celebration of Keki Adhikari.

keki birthday celebration at How Funny sets (1)

Photo 1 – Keki inspects cakes.

It was the special day at the set of ‘How Funny’ shooting. Everybody in a jolly mood to celebrate the birthday of one of the actresses in the movie, Keki.

Well, it was actually the birthday of Puspa, the name of the character on screen. Here are photo highlights of the birthday celebration.

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Happy Birthday Keki Adhikari

On Keki’s birthday we have borrowed the birthday wish of actress Priyanka Karki (so cute!):

priyanka karki birthday wish to keki adhikari

You’re weird. You’re stupid. I’m like that too. I guess that’s why our friendship is the way it is and we are such a perfect team together. With you, life is so simple, there is no need to pretend. We have our own jokes that only we understand, we laugh at the silliest of things, we are just so genuinely happy when we are together. I hope we stay the best of friends until we die, and then I hope we stay ghost-friends so that we can walk through walls and scare the shit out of people. Haha That would be sooo cool!

Anyways, the bottom line is, you are a precious gem and I’m glad that I’m blessed with a beautiful friend like you.

Happy birthday Keki Adhikari. You are amazing! Stay the same.


BTW, feel free to wish you Birthday wishes in the comment. Keki will reply to them.

Update: keki adhikari birthday message

Dashain 2014 plans of Keki Adhikari

Like previous years, Keki Adhikari is planning to spend the time with her friends and family in in Kathmandu. The best part of Dashain is to meet all the relatives. Keki says, Dashain is the only time you are free and can meet so many people.

keki adhikari in temple

The worst part of the festival is killing animals in temples and homes for meat.

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‘Blessings are the most precious gift’, Dashain Tika (Update)

“Blessings are the most precious gift one can receive” and Dashain is all about blessings from elders.

Keki Adhikari received Dashain Tika from her parents and elders. Here are some photos of the Tika ceremony.

keki adhikari with Dashain Tika 2070 bs

Keki’s father Badri Adhikari and mother Laxmi Adhikari offered Dashain Tika to Keki.

keki adhikari dashain tika from parents

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Keki in National Youth Mela, Love your body rights !

Actress Keki Adhikari attended a program with theme ‘Youth in Activism’. The 7th National Youth Mela 2013 organized by Amnesty International dealt with the subject of human rights (My Body My Right).

keki-in 7th National Youth Mela 2013

The program was organized in Lakeside Pokhara and had an interaction session to talk about human right and role of youth in sexual and reproductive rights of women.

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013. New year wishes from Keki:


2012 didn’t really give me a good feel..

I want to welcome 2013 with the hope that it brings respect and justice to women..

may the new year introduce us with the society and law ensuring accountability..

may we be strong enough to fight for our self respect and against all the ill- manners..

may god make us humans n kill the animals inside us..

may we get to hear nothing inhuman..

bye bye 2012 n welcome 2013..

may the world be a better place to live in


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Keki Adhikari the brand ambassador of Miss Nepal US 2012

To promote the second Miss Nepal US to be held in the USA, Keki Adhikari is selected the brand ambassador this year. The beauty contest Miss Nepal USA 2012 is going to be held in the US capital, Washington DC, on August 11.


To participate in the contest, Nepali young women between the ages of 18-25 all across the USA are requested to apply within the deadline of May 15th, 2012 at the website The contestants compete in different stages like personal interview, active wear, cultural expression and fashion wear.