Valentine Day memory, first rose

While in grade 10, a guy junior to Keki had offered a rose to her on the Valentine Day. With the rose, he had also handed over a love letter. Keki was so nervous, she didn’t hear what the guy had to say her. She threw both the love letter and the rose and ran away.

Although she didn’t accept the proposal, she was very scared on that day. She was afraid if anybody has seen them and would spread a rumor. She wondered how the guy might have felt after the incident. (Summarized from Nagariknews)

nagarik news - keki adhikari valentine day flower

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Biteka Pal going on houseful in East Nepal

Keki Adhikari and the “Biteka Pal” is currently in East Nepal for the promotion of the movie. The movie is running houseful in the theaters they visited at Damak, Birtamod, Birat Chowk and Dharan.

Biteka Pal viewers in East Nepal (1)

Keki has stated that the response was “extremely overwhelming.”

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‘Biteka Pal’ running houseful, viewers satisfied

The movie ‘Biteka Pal’ has gained traction by the mouth publicity of the viewers. The viewers of the movie have appreciated the story, acting and the presentation. Keki Adhikari’s acting is told to be the best parts of the movie.

biteka pal poster2

Although the viewers turnover on Friday was not that impressive, the viewers on Saturday increased in dramatic way. The movie is running in 35 theaters all over Nepal.

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Music video of Biteka Pal released a day before the movie

A music video of the movie ‘Biteka Pal’ was released a day before the movie releases in the theaters all over Nepal. Previous releases of music videos of the movie were liked by audience and the the current video is expected to create a buzz and attract more viewers to the theaters. ‘Biteka Pal’ is releasing on December 10, 2014.

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Biteka Pal releasing this Friday, on January 10

Keki Adhikari’s movie ‘Biteka Pal’ is releasing on this Friday – January 10. The movie is competing with three other Nepali movies that are releasing on the same date.

Keki’s role in the movie was highly appreciated during the premier show of the movie on December 29, 2013. On the suggestion of the viewers of the premier show, the film makers are going to trim unnecessary scenes and make it a perfect movie.

biteka pal poster

The love story movie features a triangular love in three characters played by Baboo Bogati, Abinash Gurung and Keki Adhikari.

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23rd Birthday celebration of Keki (photos, video)

Keki celebrated her 23rd birthday with the team of her upcoming movie “Biteka Pal”. The film team had organized the birthday celebration and its music launch program in Kathmandu. The following video contain the photos of the celebration and the audio at the time of cake cutting and Keki’s address to the gathering.

In addition to the formal ceremony in the day, Keki also celebrated her birthday with her family and friends in the evening.

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Happy Birthday Keki

Keki has turned 23 years-old today, on December 17, 2013. As one of the busiest actress in the Nepali entertainment industry, Keki has ruled the music videos, and she has also created her own place in Nepali movies.

happybirthday keki

Last year, Keki had celebrated her birthday in Darjeeling while the shooting of the movie ‘Biteka Pal’ was going on. This year, she is celebrating her birthday in Kathmandu but, the ‘Biteka Pal’ team is still with her to celebrate the big day. ‘Biteka Pal’ team has invited journalists in a program in which Keki will cut cake and celebrate her birthday.

Keki needs a hit movie and ‘Biteka Pal’ seems like the one. One her birthday, let’s wish for the success of the movie. She is also finishing her MBA in a few months. Let’s wish, all the best in her education and her personal life.

Keki Q&A 1 – What is the meaning of Keki?

The theme of the next question answer is – “The next year”. Please record any question related to the coming year.

The first in the series of Question and Answer Keki has promised is available now. Initially we thought to make it a big event but later decided against it.

keki adhikari 1

The attached video addresses more than one questions on her name. Here are some questions Keki has answered.

  1. Is Keki a short form of some long name ?
  2. What is the meaning of Keki?
  3. Who gave Keki the name ?
  4. Does she like her name ?

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Keki sings ‘Yesto Euta Katha..’

One of Keki Adhikari’s favorite song is the one she is featured in. The song titled ‘Yesto Euta Katha…’ features the voices of Anju Panta and Manoj Sewa. In the music video the models are Keki, Bimalesh Adhikari and Hema.

keki and bimalesh

The music video and the technical details on the song was previously posted.

Now, it is time to share the song in Keki’s own voice. The following video is a short clip from a Television program titled ‘Byakti Bishesh’ in Avenues TV.

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