Dashain 2014 plans of Keki Adhikari

Like previous years, Keki Adhikari is planning to spend the time with her friends and family in in Kathmandu. The best part of Dashain is to meet all the relatives. Keki says, Dashain is the only time you are free and can meet so many people.

keki adhikari in temple

The worst part of the festival is killing animals in temples and homes for meat.

When she was small the monetary gifts during the festival used to be the best part of the festival. These days, that doesn’t matter much. There are a lot of relatives of Keki in Biratnagar. So, when she used to go to Biratnagar in Dashain, she used to collect a lot of gift money. In Kathmandu there are only a few houses she goes for Dashain tika so the gift amount also reduces.

Keki wishes a very happy Dashain to everybody. With all the best wishes, she also wishes they have positive thoughts and mentality.

keki with dashain tika

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  1. Please update the every likes and dislikes of keki adhikari, the brand she use and the upcoming planning of her I will be thankful ti you

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