Keki Adhikari talks about books

Note: This interview was taken before Keki’s debut play ‘Charumati’. She was reading the play at that time.

keki adhikari as charumati in play

This is a translation of a short interview published in Kantipur Kosheli.

Q. What was the last book you have read?

Keki: I have finished reading ‘Eleven Minutes’ of Paulo Coelho. Currently I am reading ‘Charumati’ by Satyamohan Joshi.

Q. What types of books do you like ?

Keki: I like realistic books. I am also attracted towards books that give insights into human feelings.

Q. What types of books do you miss in Nepali language?

Keki: I think, better stories should be written in Nepali.

Q. Which are your favorite books and authors ?

Keki: I like Paulo Coelho and his novels.

Q. What do you think make an author good or bad ?

Keki: Imagination and quality to bind the reader makes a good writer.

Q. Which book do you refer to the new generation?

Keki: ‘Seto Dharti’

Q. What would be the life like if there were no books?

Keki: If there were no books how would we gain knowledge? I think it would have been a world of ignorant people.

Q. When did you read the most books?

Keki: During my high school days.

Q. How much money do you spend in books in a month ?

Keki: I don’t keep an account. In some months I do buy books and in some months I don’t.

Q. How do you choose a book?

Keki: I usually buy award-winning and best-seller books. In addition to that, I also make decisions based on reviews in magazines and suggestions of my friends and my father.


keki adhikari - interview in nepali

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