Keki Q&A 1 – What is the meaning of Keki?

The theme of the next question answer is – “The next year”. Please record any question related to the coming year.

The first in the series of Question and Answer Keki has promised is available now. Initially we thought to make it a big event but later decided against it.

keki adhikari 1

The attached video addresses more than one questions on her name. Here are some questions Keki has answered.

  1. Is Keki a short form of some long name ?
  2. What is the meaning of Keki?
  3. Who gave Keki the name ?
  4. Does she like her name ?

In addition, Keki says that she has tried to be true to her name. Let’s watch the video:

One thought on “Keki Q&A 1 – What is the meaning of Keki?”

  1. Its really a natural name. You are reflecting ur name by your beauty and work . I like you very much as well as your name.

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