Keki’s shooting on Nepal Banda Day

Keki had been against Nepal Banda (Nepal closure) from the beginning. She also wrote a long statement on why we should vote.

keki adhikari shooting (2)

On the day, she and the shooting team led by director Alok Nembang defied Banda. Here are few photo of Keki and the team at the shooting location. Keki says that it is fun shooting with Alok.

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Keki requests, Let’s vote

It is just a week remaining for the Election and the protest and violence at this time doesn’t help the country in any way. Everybody is free to show their dissatisfaction but, that shouldn’t violate other person’s freedom.

keki adhikari requests with namaskar

In this contest, Keki has requested everybody to help in the election:

“I’m going to vote, and hope each one of you eligible ones will also do so. We always get into disputes regarding our rights and our duties as citizens of Nepal. Let us remind ourselves, voting in this election is both our right and our duty.

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Yo Maya Pani Natak – music video

A music video featuring Keki Adhikari and Vivek is titled ‘You maya pani matak …’ has a very good storyline presented in an interesting way. The video features a melodious vocals of Arjun Adhikari and Milan Amatya.

natak -music video1

  • Title – Natak
  • Vocal – Arjun Adhikari/Milan Amatya
  • Music – Shikhar Santosh
  • Lyric – Ananda Adhikari
  • Artists – Vivek and Keki Adhikari
  • Camera – Bidur Pandey
  • Direction – Prasanna Poudel
  • Edotpr – Tekendra Shah
  • Audio – Asian Music

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Music video and Trailer of Biteka Pal

The trailer of Keki Adhikari’s upcoming movie ‘Biteka Pal’ was released the previous week. The trailer released by the director Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ highlights Keki Adhikari.

keki and abhinash ghishing in biteka pal

The movie made on the real love story features Keki with Babu Bogati and Abinash Gurung (new face). The movie is produced jointly by Rajesh Ghatani and Krish Rijal. The story of the movie is written by the producer Ghatani.

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Shooting at Chobhar (photos)

Chobhar is a natural film studio in Kathmandu. Almost all the movies are shot in the location. Apart from the varieties of landscapes and sceneries the place also offers the peace out of the crowd. 

Keki rightly says the place is an “ever-ready-made natural studio for Nepali Films”.

Here are some photos of the shooting at Chobhar.

keki adhikari - shooting at chobhar (2)

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What movies Keki watch and who are her favorite actors ?

Before naming the actors she like, Keki explained her choice of movie. Although she watches all kinds of movies, she isn’t much keen in watching action movies. She prefers romantic and social dramas.

keki smiles

Keki believes, there are a lot of things to learn from many actors. Some are good in one aspect and others are good in other. To name some, Keki says that she admires Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts. These two actors have brilliantly experimented with diverse characters and roles. She says, they have carried out the roles effortlessly and effectively. Keki adds, “I am left spellbound by their brilliance.”

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