We won… politicians should learn from the Nepali Cricket Team

In a recent statement in Facebook, Keki has suggested that the Nepali politicians should learn from the Nepali cricket team – specially the teamwork in completing tasks.

nepali supports cheer

While analyzing the last couple of weeks, Keki remembers the successful completion of election in an adverse situation and the qualification of Nepali cricket team to the Cricket World Cup. In the case of election, the political parties, the government and the people had teamed up to complete the election successfully. Similarly, the cricket team had worked together to win the games against rivals. She says, “It wouldn’t have been possible without the individual input of our Nepali Cricketers and their team effort.”

Keki believes, it is the right time the Nepali politicians learned about teamwork.

Keki speculates, “Had our political parties worked selflessly in a team keeping aside their individual issues, our country wouldn’t have had to linger for six years and reach nowhere in terms of writing the constitution.”

Keki says that a success rally to celebrate the success of the Nepali Cricket Team’s achievement would certainly be a relief from political rallies and Nepal banda of the past couple of weeks.

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