Keki evaluates Bimalesh Adhikari

In an interview with Subrat Acharya of ‘Saptahik’ weekly, Keki has pointed out the good and bad things about her co-actor of music videos, advertisements and the movie ‘Mutu’, Bimalesh Adhikari. Keki considers herself a well-wisher of Bimalesh.

bimalesh and keki adhikari

Good things about Bimalesh:

  • A good friend – Bimalesh is perfect friend. He knows how to be a good friend.
  • Caring – In the shooting spot he takes care of everybody. He cares of everybody and asks about their health and needs. He also helps those in need of help.
  • Stylist – He is quite forward in fashion and style. He knows how to change himself as per the latest trends.
  • Joyful – He is a good person to be around with. He is good in making fun of others in good sense and cracks jokes at times,
  • Impressive – He conveys a good response to everybody and has a character of making a good impression to others.

Bad things about Bimalesh:

  • Doesn’t listen to others  – He doesn’t care about other’s suggestion.
  • Too blunt – He doesn’t know how to be diplomatic in responding to others.
  • Doesn’t read much – He doesn’t like reading books. I think, he should make a habit of reading books.
  • Not media-friendly – In the entertainment industry one needs to be media friendly. You need to get media attention if you want to be successful.
  • Angry – He gets angry easily. Getting angry doesn’t help him in anyway. I think he will get offset with me after reading my evaluation. So, “Sorry Bimalesh.”

In response to this evaluation, Bimalesh said:

Keki, I did not know, you know me this much well. I was so surprised (in a very good way hehe)! And thank you so much for showing my weaknesses! Love you.

bimalesh with keki and others

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