Rights and responsibility – Keki votes in election

After voting in the election Keki said, “We fulfilled our responsibility. Now it is time for the leaders. It was not only on vote, it was our dream, desire and the future we handed over to the hands of the leaders.”

In response to the failure of the previous CA in forming a constitution Keki adds, “Please don’t betray us this time. We can’t afford to do that again.”

Keki Adhikari with her  card after voting

Keki had been vocal in supporting the election and asking everybody to vote. Although Keki is not active in politics and doesn’t represent any political party, she represents the current generation youth who are worried of the future of the country.

keki voted in jorpati

Earlier statements in social media related to election:

In the morning of the election day Keki wished, “Happy Voting! Every vote counts so make sure u vote it in a right way. Don’t let it go wasted.”

keki adhikari voting statement

In the evening before the election day Keki wrote, “Wishing good night with the hope of peaceful morning where the mind is without fear!”

In response to the burning of a child by a petro bomb Keki wrote, “I m so devastated by this news. what was this child’s mistake? He doesn’t even know anything about politics and is victim of its dirty game. Who is responsible for this inhumanity and who will look after his future?”

On receiving her voter’s card Keki wrote, “Life is beautiful. I got my voter’s ID card. I am excited that I am voting and that too for constitution!”

A week earlier to the election day Keki said, “About a week to go for the Election. I’m going to vote, and hope each one of you eligible ones will also do so. We always get into disputes regarding our rights and our duties as citizens of Nepal. Let us remind ourselves, voting in this election is both our right and our duty. Rather than not taking part in the voting and later lamenting on the result, let the outcome be, whether good or less good, by our unanimous consent. So, please vote!! Let us not just be spectators; let us be contributors.”

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