Music video shooting of Bhim Limbu song

Keki had modeled in a music video by singer Bhim Limbu On the set of “Aasule Bhajayo Serani”.

  • Song – Aasule Bhajayo Serani
  • Singer – Bhim Limbu
  • Lyric – Jabek k.C
  • Actors- Gagan Shahi and Keki adhakari
  • Camera – Bidur Pandey
  • Direction – Yugal Pomo

A group photo taken at the set of shooting:

keki adhikari at the sets of bhim limbu music video shooting

The shooting of the video was done during Tihar. The model Gagan Shahi had made the rangoli in the following photo:

keki adhikari with rangoli in music video shooting

keki marriage in music video shooting

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