What movies Keki watch and who are her favorite actors ?

Before naming the actors she like, Keki explained her choice of movie. Although she watches all kinds of movies, she isn’t much keen in watching action movies. She prefers romantic and social dramas.

keki smiles

Keki believes, there are a lot of things to learn from many actors. Some are good in one aspect and others are good in other. To name some, Keki says that she admires Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts. These two actors have brilliantly experimented with diverse characters and roles. She says, they have carried out the roles effortlessly and effectively. Keki adds, “I am left spellbound by their brilliance.”

saugat malla

In the Nepali movie industry, Keki wants to work with actor Saugat Malla. She says, Saugat has proven himself as a good actor. Keki wanted to share screen space with Saugat in a desire to learn from him and sharpen her acting skills.

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