Keki visits Sinduli Gadhi

As you know, Keki is currently visiting Sindhuli. She seem to be enjoying every aspects of the district.

Keki visited the place of historical importance – Sindhuli Gadhi. The place marks the bravery of Gorkhali army against the East India Company. Brave Gorkhali fought against the much powerful army and won the battle. Keki is standing under the National Flag at Sindhuligadhi.

Keki says, “The flag has still got the scent of that bravery Gorkhalis.” She adds, “Yo man ta mero Nepali ho…”

keki in sindhuli gadhi (1)

The place is also made immortal by a folk song called “Sindhuli Gadhi ghumer herda… “

keki in sindhuli gadhi (2)

It is so sad to know that such an important place is neglected and the structures of historical importance are in the verge of extinction.

keki in sindhuli gadhi (3)

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