Happy New Year, first music video of 2070

Happy New Year 2070, we wish your new year will be filled with joy and prosperity. On the new year, Keki has shared her first music video of the year.

Here goes my 1st music video of the new year, DILMAYA..your comments will always be appreciated.

A photo below was taken during the shooting of the music video:

Please enjoy the music video and comment your on it.

keki dilmaya shooting


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year, first music video of 2070”

  1. i am a die hard fan of yours …….really sometimes i get heat-strokes in winter remembering you…xually i am from India..is there any possible chances that i get a chance to meet you!!!!!!i have got all your videos downloaded from youtube from “banma phoolyo phoo”l to” dilmaya” you look stunning.in fact i have got your childhood photos too! i am planning to visit Kathmandu once within this year!!!!!seriously i admire you a lot.hopefully “can you just reply me with a mail please ,”

    P.S- don’t misunderstand me as a freak or some kind of a psycho.

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