Who is Keki’s ‘u’ ?

In a latest Facebook post, Keki has posted:

u r the good news
u r my carefree laugh
u r the absence i feel…

It’s no doubt, the special person. But, who is the special person?

Can anybody suggest a name ?


2 thoughts on “Who is Keki’s ‘u’ ?”

  1. Dear Keki i am feeling so much happy to post messages here or on Facebook about you. you asked such a beautiful question that i feel great to reply and wanna share this happiest moment with you. the answer is hiding on your above briefing words.i think the all things are related to me.good news because i was explained your upcoming movies Biteka Pal.i was reply that guys who were talking about you and me and his post message was Wah Kya Love Story and my dramatically reply must be made you laughing more and more.and the last i feel great gap,feel uneasy feel great sorrow,feel make me mad on your absence like the same way i think you feel my absence and most probably you want to say my name but u r feeling odd i request if we both have the same feelings then just say it openly.like i am saying you.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DEAR KEKI!!now it is your turn.i really wanna hear from you.if your special person is me,Mr. Pramod Shakya then i really feel great and assume myself one of world’s luckiest person.i request you to bring that person’s name on light!!at last as always saying May God Bless You!! Have a Great Day!! Happy Valentine Day 2013 in advance again dear Keki!!

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