‘You Are Welcome Keki’

We, the fans of Keki, are very happy that Keki shared the link to this fan site in her Facebook profile. We appreciate her comment, “Thank you for maintaining it so well…” The statement has touched our hearts. You are very welcome Keki Adhikari.

And, we would also like to thank you for being so sweet.

Thank you keki_facebook profile
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Keki to halt shooting for a month

After the completion of the shooting of ‘Biteka Pal’ and returning Kathmandu from Darjeeling, Keki is in a month-long break from the film world. Keki has recently graduated and she has no plans to stop her education. She is admitted to a MBA program and is planning to take it seriously (as always).


Keki is currently enrolled in MBA first year in Presidential College, Kathmandu. The mid-term exam of the semester is starting from February 3 and she is planning to spend more time with the books rather than with the camera.

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