Badri Adhikari – an introduction to Keki’s Father

badri_adhikariDirector Badri Adhikari started as a theater artist and writer. He then ventured into television with a number of popular television serials. Now, he has established himself as a successful director.

To his credit, Badri has written 25 plays, directed 50 plays, and acted in more than 60 plays. During the years  BS 2038-2049 he acted in some of the most popular plays of the time – Epidus, Ashar ko ek din, Kalidas, and Nyayapremi. After the establishment of Nepal Television in BS 2040, Badri started writing and directing serials in television. At that time he wrote and directed serials like ‘Shanti Chhetrako Balak’, ‘Maun Aakash’, and ‘Shirjanaka Aankhaharu’. His serials on Parijat’s ‘Salgiko Balatkrit Aanshu’, Ramesh Bikal’s ‘Abiral Bagchha Indrawati’, and Pradip Gyawali’s ‘Sahayatri’ were well received by critics and viewers.

In an interview with a weekly magazine, Badir told that he want people to know him as a theater artist even though he is active in television and feature films.

About being known as the ‘Father of Keki Adhikari‘,  Badri told that he feels proud to be known by his daughter’s name. He is happy that many knew Keki before himself.

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