Keki Adhikari in new looks in Promise

Keki Adhikari is currently in Singapore for the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Promise’. The movie features Keki in a new look. Here are some photos of Keki from the first day of shooting in Singapore.

Keki_Adhikari_singapore_shooting_new_look (3)

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Keki_Adhikari_singapore_shooting_new_look (2)

Keki_Adhikari_singapore_shooting_new_look (4)

Keki_Adhikari_singapore_shooting_new_look (8)

7 thoughts on “Keki Adhikari in new looks in Promise”

  1. hi keki Ist i’ll respect u hearty! May b. U’ll qstzn me ! Its means i knw u r gud great n lovly! U’ve knwn important of st. Study so dn’t 4rget dis theme ok!! Se so much far than u’ve 2 chang ur dream… N lov ur acting in positive sense. Dn’t do negative wrks! Alway b 4rever ok!

  2. hey keki ji u r so swt! Keki i like ur acting n u r seeming beauty. So do positive wrk in nepali films industries. N dn’t leave ur study. Mising u

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