Shooting of Mutu, Kalinchok , Dolakha

Here are few photos of Keki during the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Mutu‘.


In the photo above, Keki Adhikari poses with local kids in Kalinchok , Dolakha during the shooting of Nepali movie ‘Mutu’.

‘Mutu’ features Keki and Bimlesh Adhikari in the lead role.

Keki_nepali movie_mutu_shooting (1)

Keki and Bimlesh are acting in a romantic song of ‘Mutu’.


Keki_nepali movie_mutu_shooting (5)

Bimalesh _keki_mutu_shooting

The movie ‘Mutu’ is produced under Everest Kala Yatra Film Production banner. The film by Everest Surya Bohara is named ‘The Heart’ in English with a tag line ‘The heart belongs to you’.

nepali movie_mutu_poster

Photo credits – Everest Surya Bohara.

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