Keki explains the reason behind less number of music videos these days

Keki started her entertainment career with music videos. As she became busy in movies, less number of music videos featured Keki. After the release of Keki’s latest movies ‘I am Sorry’ and ‘Mayako Barima’, Keki seems to be busier in movies. The crews of Avenues Entertainment program went to the shooting spot of one of Keki’s latest music video and asked the reason behind the less number of music videos she has done in these days. 


Keki replied that she needs to devote at least one to two months of her time to a movie and she told that during the shooting of movies she doesn’t do music video. At the same time, she also told that she has recently started her Masters degree. Keki told that she wants to do both movies and music videos in the future. (Photos clips taken from Avenues TV’s video)


If you want to listen to her talking, here is the video:

3 thoughts on “Keki explains the reason behind less number of music videos these days”

  1. it’s no problem to not able to c u in music vdos. u cn perfom those in films too. rather we would want u 2 flood cinema industry with ur “amazing & charming personality and acting skills”…god bless u…(:p)

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