Keki Adhikari the brand ambassador of Miss Nepal US 2012

To promote the second Miss Nepal US to be held in the USA, Keki Adhikari is selected the brand ambassador this year. The beauty contest Miss Nepal USA 2012 is going to be held in the US capital, Washington DC, on August 11.


To participate in the contest, Nepali young women between the ages of 18-25 all across the USA are requested to apply within the deadline of May 15th, 2012 at the website The contestants compete in different stages like personal interview, active wear, cultural expression and fashion wear.

Keki’s lucky number

Keki Adhikari thinks seven is her lucky number. In the past jobs linked with seven number had been successful for Keki.


Talking about examples: the shooting of her first movie “Swor” had started on Mangsir 7.

Similarly, she believes that she passed with good number in an exam for which she didn’t studied much because, her symbol number for the exam was 7.

Keki to act opposite to Bimalesh Adhikari in big screen too

A number of music videos feature Keki Adhikari and Bimalesh Adhikari and the screen-couple is liked by audience. Now, they are also going to be featured in a movie named “Mutu”. Keki and Bimalesh have recently signed in the movie going to floor on Baisakh 15.


In response to the news, Keki told that she had liked working with Bimalesh in music videos and wanted to work in big screen movies too. Bimalesh is also happy to act opposite to Keki in the big screen movie. Bimalesh expects that, like the music video audience, movie goers will also love their roles in the movie.

“Mutu” is produced by Surya Bohara and he is also directing the movie.

Our best wishes for the on-screen couple Keki Adhikari and Bimalesh Adhikari in their debut big-screen movie together.

Happy New Year 2069

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2069. May this year bring loads of happiness among all of us, and may we get success over all the incomplete things to be done. Learn from 2068 and apply it to this year. Have a great year 2069.


Keki Adhikari was nominated for the category of popular celebrity of the year in TV Filmy. After the final voting, she ended up being in the second place.

Happy New Year 2068 – Remembering 2068, Dashain Tika

We would like to wish all the Keki Adhikari fans a very happy new year 2069.

On the occasion of the new year, let’s remember the year 2068. Keki had a great Dashain and here are some of the photos of Keki with her family.

Keki_Adhikari_Dashain_Tika_2068 (14)

Keki_Adhikari_Dashain_Tika_2068 (2)

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Should celebrities act like Celebrities in Twitter ?

Many celebrities in Twitter don’t follow their fans. A genuine question to the fans had mixed response: 

twitterHere are some answers to the questions asked in Twitter. All of these respondents are being followed back by @KekiAdhikari. As you can see only a few Twitter user think celebrities should follow their fans (marked by bold letters).

  • nope no should b friend
  • it’s up to them. but no matter how, they should be “keep in touch” with public for their better career health 🙂
  • Dont think so! More u follow, more u can interact with fans. Happy tweeting!
  • It depends. It’s always good to maintain some level. When follower base grows, it’d be difficult to keep track of everything.
  • Yeah,after al dey r”Celebrity”not”Team followback”,also depends on how 1wnts 2 use I m glad dat I got a followback.
    • hmm. Then now onwards @kekiadhikari need to think twice before following back. 🙂
  • hm.. yeah kind-of like that. But they should also take it as a personal place rather as not only a professional platform. 😉
  • I think you should follow people interesting to you 🙂 Just an advice 🙂
  • There should be no “should”s and “should not”s in this free world. Celebrities are no exceptions.
  • Yap! Should maintain own standard.
  • No nop, shouldn’t do that. But some Celebrities(?) do so. I actually don’t like that.

Six out of ten respondents (60 percent) think celebs shouldn’t follow everybody.

What do you think?